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CH Designs is a creative services firm
specializing in print, digital, and web design.

Print Design

We understand print and how to get the most stunning effects. Print is now of such a high perceived value that it has become the tool of choice for customers wanting to stand out from the crowd.

Digital Design

Our digital collateral is striking, effective and productive. With our knowledge of branding and graphic design, we create digital products that are visually appealing as well as functionally brilliant.

Web Design

We keep the process simple so that you find it easy to get what you need from a new web site in a sensible timescale, with the smallest possible amount of jargon.


We offer innovative and beautiful designs to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We work with a wide range of clients, large and small, in many sectors including: Federal, Private, Non-Profit, Corporate and Commercial sectors. We thrive on creating an unique, visual experience for our clients.

Graphic Design

We offer a complete graphic design service that covers every possible area of the art. We design what you need – business cards, corporate literature, banner graphics, exhibition graphics, annual reports, and promotional materials.

Branding and Identity

Whether we are rebranding an established company or creating a brand for a start-up, we seek a deep understanding of who you are. We aspire to understand your goals, what you believe in, and the message you want to communicate. With that knowledge, we create the brand that is right for you and your business.

Brand consistency is key to any corporate/organization identity, from the simplest of business cards to a complex range of marketing materials.

After creating a brand and identifying the guidelines that define it, we apply these brand rules to your corporate identity, carrying the brand consistently through all design work, including printed materials and digital media.

We act as brand guardians for our clients, advising on how to maintain clarity through the simple application of brand style and rules.

Digital Identity

Just as brand consistency is key to any corporate identity, your digital identity needs to be planned and created to work in a variety of situations from social media to web, email to digital advertising.

We create your online identity to perfectly reflect your company and the message you want to get through to your clients.

Social Media and Marketing

Business and social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have become a standard part of digital brand development and management and there aren’t many businesses or individuals who can afford to ignore them.

We customize, design, and populate business and social media pages for you so that they complement your other branded material and allow your visitors to enjoy a consistent experience.


A well-constructed, clearly presented and easily navigable website is an essential part of any brand. For many of your potential clients and contacts, it will be what forms their impression of your company or business. It should be created and managed as such, remaining consistent with other branding and printed materials.

We offer comprehensive web design, hosting, and monthly website support service. We use leading software with proven functionality and we secure all of our sites using leading security software so that you remain up to date and online.


We have digital, litho, and print partners that we have worked with for nearly twenty years, giving us a distinct advantage in turnaround times; when it comes to choosing every detail from card and paper to foiling, embossing, laser cutting, we have a vast range at our disposal and the experience to know which stock and effect is right for our clients.

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